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The Production Robotics team of senior automation engineers, technicians, & quality manufacturing administrators, combined with our onsite manufacturing & assembly capabilities, provide you with solutions to your toughest problems.

We respond quickly to resolve your greatest manufacturing challenges so that you can remain focused on your core business.


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Fabricate, Assemble, & Test Your Products
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Drumstick Sorter
Publishing System for Specialty Books
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Biotechnology / Cleanroom / Food-Grade Automation

Medical Packaging
Surgical Material Processing
Multivac Pouch Sorter
Food Processing
Dual Head Frit Injector
Drug Delivery Package Singulator
Pipette Tester
Madeleine Batter Dispenser

Desktop / Benchtop Automation Tools & Fixtures

Pharmaceutical Laminator
Laminator Aerosol Drug Delivery System
Tablet Processing Station
Automated Box Cutter
Automated Pipette Tester - Featured Image

Automated Pipette Tester

For a manufacturer of precision pipettes used in the medical, chemical and biotechnology industries, Production Robotics developed this automated test system for manually operated pipettes in production. A special mechanical hand mounted on a high-speed six-axis robot, with…
Assembling & Gluing Surgical Tubing Set - Featured Image

Assembling & Gluing Surgical Tubing Set

This machine uses three small six-axis robots to assemble two different versions of a surgical tubing set, consisting of  a length of flexible tubing and molded plastic fittings. The fittings are glued on with UV curing  adhesive, which…
Drumstick Testing and Sorting System - Featured Image

Drumstick Testing and Sorting System

A leading musical instrument company decided to enter the drumstick market. While wood is a great material for drumsticks, it’s non-uniform. To compete in the drumstick marketplace, our customer needed to precisely match sticks for weight, pitch and…