Precision CNC Machining

If you need precision CNC machined parts, we can save you money!

Production Robotics' machine shop has six vertical machining centers, one horizontal, two CNC lathes, all late model Haas machines, and all the necessary support equipment.

With sophisticated tooling, super-efficient CAM software and an amazingly skilled workforce, we can offer you lower cost and higher quality than any other machine shop.

We produce parts that not only meet or exceed your specifications, but are beautiful besides, usually at substantial cost savings.

CNC milling and turning, prototype, short run or production, high precision and quick delivery - we do it all, with very competitive pricing.

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Machine Shop
Production Robotics' machine shop includes six vertical milling centers, two CNC lathes, and one Haas EC400 horizontal milling center.
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Largest mill is the Haas VF-5, with 52 x 26 x 25 travels. That's a large arm for a material handling robot being machined.

Solar Car Wheel

Solar car wheel made for the 2011 World Solar Challenge (Darwin to Adelaide, Australia).


Machine Shop 3

Precision Trunnions for a satellite communications system


Scalar Plates

Scalar Plates for microwave transmission


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