Contract Manufacturing Projects

In addition to outstanding engineering and development services, Production Robotics also provides contract fabrication, assembly, testing, packaging and shipping of your electromechanical products and subassemblies.

Pictured above are some large high-speed paper handling and scanning systems used in the elections industry. These systems incorporate PCs with custom interface cards, precision optics, analog and digital signal processing and hundreds of moving parts. In 2008 we completed a tenth build (15) of these systems. Since 2001, we have shipped 106 of them. We construct these units from the ground up to the customer's exacting specifications, doing all calibration and testing steps, and ship them directly to the end user.

Production Robotics builds 50 to 100 of these simple data card readers at a time.

We supply turnkey manufacturing services to a wide range of customers. Many of our projects are subject to strict confidentiality agreements and cannot be disclosed here. Whatever you are building, if you want to make sure you meet your production goals, talk to Production Robotics - we are your full-service manufacturing partner.

Contact Production Robotics and relax.

Your manufacturing headaches are over!

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To get your manufacturing moving in the right direction right now, call or write to Leonard Ginsburg at Production Robotics.

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