Automation Engineering Projects

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Dual-head Frit Injector: Presses treated frits into 384-well sample plates to controlled depth at a rate of 240 per minute.
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Custom Tablet Processing Station: For drug delivery: Applies proprietary coatings in precise patterns on tablets to control absorption profile.
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Custom Tablet Processing Station: Repeat order of previous unit, with enhancements.
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Robotic Pouch Sorter for Multivac Poucher: Grips four foil pouches containing diagnostic test kits as they come off the end of the poucher. Rotates them to vertical and dropseach into one of three bins.
Automatic Pouching Machine for Cholestech Corporation: Pulls foil pouch from stack, opens pouch, inserts diagnostic cassette and desiccant packet, then double-seals the pouch using two band sealers. 40 per minute.
Fast, manually operated Package Filler for specialty bakery: Receives a tray of 24 gourmet cookies, allows visual inspection of both sides and drops two each into 12 jars. Foot pedal controlled vibrator helps settling.
Membrane Treating & Drying Station: Used to chemically treat and dry a variety of films and membranes up to 1.5" wide. - Diagnostic
Lamination Station for early production runs of blood diagnostic test kit.
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Two-step Lamination Station for early production runs of blood diagnostic test kit: Laminates a series of foams, films and membranes to a compact blood diagnostic cassette.
Nucleotome Percutaneous Discectomy System, non-invasive treatment for herniated spinal discs: U.S. Patent No. 4,678,459.
Automatic bowl-fed Hook Welder Machine for high-speed production of basketball hoops: Welds 12 hooks to rim using twin resistance welding heads, completes three hoops per minute.
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D2T Drumstick Sorting Station weighs wooden drumsticks, strikes them and calculates lowest resonant frequency, sorts them into 36 bins according to weight, balance and pitch. Our contribution to Rock and Roll!
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30-ton flat-top Flash Welder.
Experimental Electric Vehicle: 15 mph. Kids love it.
Form-fill-seal Pharmaceutical Packaging station for aerosol drug delivery system.
Pipette Filler and sealer for blood diagnostics kit: Inserts needles into 8 bulb pipettes at a time, meters liquid in (Cavro Pumps), seals. Hand-fed, 48 per minute.
Glass fiber Spool FeederSpool Handler and feeder for delicate glass membranes.
Rack for washing microscope slides in hot hydrofluoric acid.
Paper Path and card reader for ballot counter


  • Noise-reduced blower assemblies for Trillium semiconductor testing machines.
  • Compact 4-axis stabilized antenna pedestal for shipboard satellite communication

  • Desiccant placer for multivac poucher

  • Microscopic instruments for DNA research for a gene-chip company

  • Laminating station and Web punch for pharmaceutical packaging
  • Robotic pipetting system that uses precision manual pipettes

  • Three automatic assembly stations for an automotive electronics component assembly line

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