How Do We Do It?

We've been asked how we do it. How do we provide such fast delivery of CNC-machined parts of outstanding quality, with absolute reliability, at such reasonable prices. Here's how:

The Inquiry
You send your inquiry to Leonard Ginsburg (, president and chief engineer. Drawings can be in just about any CAD format, or even a scribble on the back of an envelope. Leonard is an experienced mechanical engineer and can decipher most sketches. He reviews the drawings for clarity and suitability for our shop. He immediately contacts you to confirm receipt, thank you, and possibly to clarify tolerances, materials, finishes or delivery requirements.

The drawings go to Craig Braswell, our shop manager, who will develop the pricing for your job. Craig might call you to make sure he understands exactly what you're looking for.

The Plan
Craig and Steve Paiz, the shop foreman, plan the order of operations, tooling and fixturing. They determine the best lead time we can promise, given our current shop load. Your quote includes pricing and a realistic delivery date.

The Order
You receive the quote. You are delighted with both the price and the lead time, and you immediately send your order directly to our Emma Ginsburg for processing. She enters the order into our custom database.

Craig enters the bar-coded traveler that will follow each part through the entire production process, and assigns each part to a position in the schedule, a specific machine and machinist.

Cynthia Cornelio, the purchasing clerk, orders the materials and tools needed, and makes sure everything is here on time.

Your drawing goes to one of our super-skilled CNC machinists to be programmed, set up and run. Each operation runs on the best machine for the job. We have six vertical machining centers (the largest has travels of 52 x 26 x 25), two CNC turning centers and a four-axis horizontal machining center. All are recent-model Haas machines in top condition.

Our quality systems manager inspects your parts in process and before and after plating. We use the latest inspection technologies, including the new Wenzel LH 87 CNC CMM, which was installed in 2009. Quality assurance is important to us, as evidenced by our ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Finally, our vice president of operations contacts you to make sure your shipment arrived in good condition.

This entire process is designed to make manufacturing easy and cost-effective for you.

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